What is web design?

What is Web design?

Web design focuses on production and development of a website. Using technologies like HTML and CSS, web design encompasses all the principles associated with a website, like web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, and search engine optimization. It normally refers to the front end (client side) design of a website.

Static vs Dynamic design

  • A static website stores a unique file for every page that has been created on that website. Every time a particular page has been called, the same content is returned to the user. This content, once created during the creation of the website, is not later edited during its course of existence.Advantages of such website are that they are easier to host and maintain. Less server administration is required and hence have lesser chances of exposing security loopholes. Almost all websites have portions that are static, like fixed spreadsheets and images.
  • A dynamic website is the kind which constantly keeps on changing and updating. It is generated on the fly, and uses server side technologies to generate webpages. Here, a broader range of skill-set is required to design and develop the website than in static websites. They are generally coded directly using languages like PHP and ASP using a template approach.

Good web design practices

  • Create a first impression such that it gets the main purpose of the website across to the visitor. Keep in mind that on an average, the attention span of a visitor is only 8 seconds. So avoid complicated animations, long content and confusing images.
  • Keep the homepage minimalistic and clutter free.
  • Include social media share and follow buttons to benefit from the social media traffic.
  • Implement call to action buttons to let the visitor know what to do next on the website.
  • Create a responsive design. As the usage of mobile and tablet devices have been increasing, creating a website that is mobile-friendly is very essential. Fluid layouts, mobile optimized images etc. add to responsiveness of a website.
  • Simplify the navigation – the map that displays all the places that a user can visit. A website with unorganized or confusing arrangement of elements may discourage a visitor to dig into all the services offered by the website. Ensure that the user can easily find what he is looking for on the website.
  • Include essential white spaces around text or visual elements to break up the page and increase readability. White spaces play a key role in positioning of design elements in the website and content prioritization.
  • Develop SEO strategies to increase site’s reach and develop substantial online presence.
  • Identify and fix broken pages and links.

Web Design & Development – How Do You Choose a Company?

  • Check out company’s own website. It would give you a fair amount of idea on their expertise and experience in web designing.
  • Go through their portfolio and browse through the websites they have designed. Check for interactivity and responsiveness.
  • Check for client reviews and customer satisfaction.
  • Choose a company promising long term technical support and web hosting services for the website.

Creating a website for your company is the first step in any internet marketing campaign. This will be the online real estate that your potential clients and customers will make their decisions to buy your products or services. Building a website that your visitors and search engines will love is crucial to a successful online marketing campaign. If you get this part wrong all other marketing services that have driven internet traffic to your website will be wasted.

There are many different technologies out there to build a website and many companies that will build one for you. Choosing the right web design company and technology can be a daunting task for those who know very little about web design and internet marketing.

How Do You Choose The Right Web Design Company?

There are the do-it-yourself website builders out there, there are companies, there are freelancers, and there are some people who chose to use a friend who does development on the side. Prices vary significantly from one type of web design service to the next. We will attempt to break it down for you so you can get a better understanding of each type of web development service available today from a consumer’s viewpoint.

The do-it-yourself website builders

The do-it-yourself website builders, such as web.com, are a great option for those on a budget that are not looking for a complete custom website. You usually will pay a low monthly fee to “rent” your website. You will never own this website – which is the main reason why I don’t suggest this type of development for companies that are looking to invest in any type of internet marketing. You would essentially be investing in something you do not own.

The freelance web designer

The freelance web developer is a good solution if you know exactly who you are working with.  The cost will usually be a bit less than a web design agency. If it is someone you don’t know that you found on the web then you are at risk of getting lower quality development. Also, any future development or adjustments will need to be completed by the freelancer. It is very common for freelance website designers to sort of disappear for a while, and they are known to not finish projects. The web programmer you chose should have a good understanding of internet marketing – specifically, search engine optimization. This is typically not seen in a freelance web developer or many web design companies.

Other web design firms

Most web development companies provide great code and great designs. Prices from one agency to the next will vary significantly. The bigger the firm, the more overhead-usually.  The difference between agencies can be vast. Some lack quality design and some use different technologies such as WordPress, Joomla or custom content management systems (CMS). The difference between these and other CMS systems will be determined on cost, convenience, and scope of the web development project. The most significant difference in these companies is the ability to develop a website built for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. An understanding of how search engines rank websites based on code and user experience is a must for your website to gain organic or free website traffic through the search engines.

Why choose our website development team ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing are a major part of our company’s services, alongside web design and development. Our websites are built following the quality guidelines set forth by the search engines to earn top rankings. The following are some of the technologies and strategies that our web designers and developers use on a daily basis to create spectacular websites that achieve high rankings in the search engines:

Web design and development strategies for better SEO and user experience (UX)

  • Responsive web design technologies (websites that work on tablets, phones, and all monitor sizes)
  • HTML five coding (web standards for web design code)
  • Page speed optimization (a website that loads fast)
  • Image optimization (images that are sized right and have the right labeling)
  • URL optimization (a websites page URL that is readable: /web-page.html )
  • Directory (siloing) optimization (structure of the content on your website)
  • Grid design structure (a proven aesthetic design strategy)
  • Clear and concise call to actions
  • Spam-free forms
  • Caching systems (a way to reduce website speed)
  • Proper HTML markup for headers and images (adding code like, H1. H2,)
  • Proven web design layouts for conversions

If you company is ready to benefit from a website that is designed to rank in the search engines and convert visitors into dollars then please contact one of our internet marketing specialists today to get started.

1. Requirements:

I have observed many times people or clients have the least knowledge of what they want. All they know is that they need an online presence and nothing more. As a web development company, you need to strategize their requirements from the scratch. And, if you are the business owner then you need to inquire your service provider whether they can help draft a plan that you do not have.

These days almost all web development companies have an online marketing team that helps with therefore and after processes of setting up a business over the internet. It is necessary that you provide your clients strategize and build an excellent inbound online marketing strategy for the website that they want you to design for them. This helps to reduce the overhead costs that arise when you seek each of the services separately from different service providers. And, as a business, you can save some money and time that might get wasted otherwise.

Also, as a service provider, you get to know better what your client’s requirements are and then strategize a perfect web design plan incorporating in the present and future needs of their business appropriately. As a business if your primary intention is to promote your products/ services online then you need an expert who knows what has to be done exactly. Someone like our web development and online marketing team at Global Era InfoTech can provide you with the necessary assistance. All thanks to our expert team of web development and inbound marketing professionals in India.

2. Examine the credentials:

You do not want to find yourself in a trap by hiring someone who is just as good as an amateur at web development. So it is always recommended that you examine the service provider’s credentials before you hire them. You can check the internets for the list of good web development companies.There are a few things that you can inquire with them directly:

  • The time frame within which they complete a web development project usually.
  • The number of people who will work on your project.
  • The point of communication. The person or project coordinator who will contact you.
  • Also, check whether they provide timely review or report of the work and report as and when progress happens.
  • Check whether they are ready to incorporate your ideas into their wireframes or is it just the idea of their designers that will become your final product.
  • The overall cost.

Make a comparison taking into account the previous works of these companies and also the time frame and overall working costs that they charge. A web development Company that has already delivered some of the groundbreaking projects can undoubtedly develop websites and apps that are unbeatable. Check for the reputation of these companies before you fix them.

3. The work culture:

Several agencies convince people into providing them with their projects, and then they vanish into thin air. They might rise out of the blue after a long time and hand over your project. And, to your shock, it is nothing of the sort that you want. Wait! I will rewind what has happened here. They got some local offshore outsourcing company to get your website developed. And you know what happens next! It is too unethical and unprofessional.

You get a website that neither lives up to your expectations nor does it fulfill the needs of your customers. Ask them how they are going to work on it? Whether they have an in-house team or whether they are going to outsource the project? If they are to outsource it, then why do you need their help? You can do it for yourself. It would be great if you can walk up to their office and check in person as to what is happening there.

Whether they have a company set that can handle web design and development and also provide you with the necessary assistance. Another most important thing that you need to inquire is whether offer assistance and support after the final product has been delivered.

4. Effective communication:

Whoever or whichever individual or organization you choose to get your web project delivered, ensure that they are interested in communication where you can openly express your ideas. Also, find whether they have local knowledge which is essential for your project and business to flourish.

They should have a clear idea of who your audiences are and what kind of an online strategy can help you reach them which needs to be incorporated into the web design. You can easily find some web development company anywhere in the world but what use is a service provider who does not have the basic knowledge of how to suggest an effective plan that fits the client’s needs? 

5. Testimonials can help:

Before you finalize a web development agency ask for testimonials. You could meet up with some of their previous and present clients and analyze their performance record. A company that has nothing to hide and is transparent will straightaway give away the references. The first step to analyzing whether you are going to work with people who will stay true to their word no matter whatever they brag on their websites.

6. Portfolios are important:

Once you have the references, examine the portfolios that they show you. Also, analyze whether the kind of designs and web development patterns that they offer are in sync with your requirements. If not then drop it. If they have no portfolios to show then, it looks like you are going to be the scapegoat as they are doing it for the first time and it is nothing less than experimentation. I would recommend you drop it.

7. Quality and affordability:

So, think well before you choose the web development agency even though they might charge just a small amount. These are some of the factors that you can consider before selecting a web development agency for your online business needs. Are you planning to go online? The days of desktop web designs are fading slowly. Everyone is making the smart move with the Smartphone’s and Android devices that are changing the face of technology every other day. You need someone who can guide you across the latest developments and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Global Era InfoTech is a web development company based in India offering web design and development services to a wide range of clients in India and abroad. If you are planning to launch a website, then we can help you. Or if you want someone to help you with the digital marketing strategies of your online business, then we have an expert inbound team who can provide you with all that you need to take your business to the next level.

Assess the web development agency's services

If you need more than just a website designed, finding an agency that offers a full set of services should be your choice. Look for a web development company who is both capable and experienced in providing web design, web development, mobile app development, and inbound marketing services.

With the right agency, not only can you enjoy the convenience of using the same company for all your digital needs, but your agency can better implement your digital strategy using the full skill set of their team. In addition, employing only one agency will also make project communication, progress and execution much easier for you. 

Look beyond the Front End design

While branding and audience engagement should be reflected in a website design, it also needs to go much further. Many web design agencies can build slick websites, but do they also help clients achieve their digital marketing and SEO targets? Do they follow the best user experience practices? Are they using the right technology to optimize your website for lead generation and conversion? All aspects of website development should be engineered with the user in mind, optimized for search engines (SEO), and properly built for best performance. In addition, an experienced and strategic web design and development agency will develop digital solutions that help you go above and beyond your business goals. 

Does the web agency develop responsive website designs?

These days 60% of internet access occurs on mobile devices. With this, responsive design is mandatory for any website development project. The web agency that you choose should have a portfolio that demonstrates experience designing and developing responsive websites. When selecting your agency, test their client’s websites on a mobile device so you can assess their work for yourself. If the page elements aren’t resizing for different screen sizes or optimized for use across various device interfaces, you may want to consider choosing another web development agency. 

Look at their case studies

A web development agency’s case studies of previous web design and development work should demonstrate their development capabilities, expertise, and outcomes for the client. As a client, you will want to see design samples relative to your own needs, and more importantly, clear results of an investment. Can the web development company provide case studies or data to prove impact? Of course, not all clients allow agencies to share this information; however, there should always be some description of project objectives that can provide you with an overall understanding of a project’s success. 

Speak to their clients

Looking at a web development agency’s case studies is one way to assess the impact of their work, but feedback is hardly ever more honest than when it comes from a client who experienced working with a digital agency for themselves. When choosing a web agency, inquire with several of their clients and investigate their experience of project management, responsiveness, availability, deadlines and so on. Deciding to partner with a web development agency is a big decision for your organization, and you should prepare yourself by talking to those who have experienced the process for themselves. 

Is the web development agency a good fit?

Just as your chosen web Development Company should understand your specific industry, their own corporate culture, pace and personality should be evaluated before you establish a partnership with them. As a client, it is vital for your organization to understand what values, visions and behaviors drive the agency, as this urges communication and relationships. Happy agency employees tend to mean more motivation to get work done to a better standard, and if they care about their own culture, they will care about your organization’s culture too.

Meet their team

A web design and development agency is only as good as its team, and a good team will be diverse and qualified in a variety of disciplines. When assessing web developers, consider their experience and attitude over specific skill sets. Developers should be well-versed in web best practices, front-end, back-end, data structures, algorithms, different architectures, and databases; however, experience putting these skills into practice is essential. A good development agency will be able to demonstrate a broad knowledge base in the field, along with several specialized skill sets. In addition to web designers and developers, the agency should also have information architects, SEO specialists, digital marketers, content developers, and projects managers, just to name a few. 

Ready to choose the right web development company?

At Global Era Infotech, we provide digital strategy, a design and build service for your website and apps, as well as inbound marketing. What makes us different is our consultative approach and deep technical skills – we can analyse and develop your requirements initially to take you from wish list to a fully realized online product, quickly and within budget.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your organization solve your digital problems and reach your full online potential, or would like a free two-hour project consultation, get in touch today.