What is SMO?

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) focuses on increasing publicity and awareness of a product or service via social media platform. It encourages users to share links to your website or product over social media. It also refers to websites who automate this process, or professionals who take up the task for their clients. Common examples of social media engagement include liking and sharing posts, retweeting, and promoting content.


The main goal of SMO is to strategically create engaging and interesting online content, which may comprise of eye-catching headlines and one-liners, to videos and animations, and then share the content via links over social media platforms among the like-minded people. This way, it increases the potential clientele of the product or service by the means of word-of-mouth.

Features/Benefits in marketing

  • SMO plays a key role in Online Reputation Management (ORM) – if a negative review of a particular product is posted, then ORM makes sure that it is not the first link that is shown on the website
  • It also leads to viral marketing by creating of word of mouth.
  • It leads to establishing healthy B2C (Business to Consumer) relationships and increasing customer base.

Tips for effective SMO

  • Make sure you have the basics covered – Logo for profile picture, Company name as the username, and proper company guidelines and working principles, its vision and mission in the bio.
  • Create new and quality content and keep updating. Don’t hesitate to keep on experimenting and innovating. This way, you make sure your content remains fresh.
  • Know your target audience, and frame your content accordingly. If you are targeting a particular age group or locality, frame your posts accordingly.
  • Post consistently on social media so as to build client-firm relationship. SMO cannot be achieved overnight, and needs building over a period of time.
  • Use proper animations and images wherever appropriate. Make sure you use professional high quality images with recommended sizes and relevance.
  • By rewarding inbound links, one can increase number of visitors to the website
  • Ease of tagging and bookmarking can help boost visibility of a post

Selecting the most suitable company for SMO

  • Check for their portfolio
  • Analyze customer reviews.
  • Look for companies that promise long term relationship and technical support in the future.

Why Choose Social Media Optimization?

Being a professional social media marketing company, we help our clients to increase their followers, boost external inbound links, make social sharing activities effective and optimize their social posts. We create a buzz for the brand and setup the category benchmark, design workable plans to track the target audience, analyze the audience reaction on all the social platforms and create automated reports based on the analysis.

We maintain your social media accounts to help you gain impactful impressions and connections which you can use to build your brand value. We even monitor your brand minutely detecting and recording every mention of your brand to find out what your clients and potential customers are talking about. Our SMM experts determine the type of social media contests suitable for your brand and based on that conduct various contests suitable to your business.

We help you to optimize your social media presence by making your followers the ambassadors of your brand through our effective social media management techniques, maximizing the impact your social media interactions. We ensure strong brand presence and high perception value through our social media campaigns that can attract customers to your website.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  • Framing Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Audit
  • Competition Analysis
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Contests
  • Community Participation
  • Community Building and Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Cross Channel Promotions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Content Development and Distribution
  • Reporting & Analysis

Understand the Team

When you go to the office of a chosen Online Marketing Company, the first thing that you need to analyze is how the company works from both a creative and a business perspective. You should try to comprehend company’s vibe, and understand how professional and interactive the teams are. Some other notable things you should pay heed upon while understanding the team are-

1. You should understand that Online Marketing Company is the extension of your team

2. You should know who will manage your account, what are their qualifications/experience, how long have they been with the company and what are their performance metrics

3. Your marketing team should include experts in Web development, Graphic design, Writing and editing, Marketing automation, Project management, SMO, SEO, ORM, etc.

4. How much experience do they have

5. How passionate is the team

6. How ethical is the team

7. Are they local

Understand the capabilities of the Team Members

After basic conversations, there come the creative conversations, which will give you the idea about the capabilities of the team members of an Online Marketing Company. Below given points would help you check the dexterousness of team members-Top Online Marketing Company includes certified Digital Marketing professionals such as-

  • AMA Certified Professional Marketer
  • Google Ad Words Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Bing Ads Certification
  • Face book Ads ‘Blueprint’ Certification
  • Hub Spot Certifications, etc.

Check their knowledge about the latest Online Marketing Trends

Know how updated their Marketing Stack is A good ‘marketing stack’ comprised by top Online Marketing Company incorporates tools and resources that can efficiently analyze everything from back end data (customer information) to front end behavior (ads viewed, emails opened, blogs frequented, purchases made). Different marketing stacks which you should ask to your Online Marketing Company are-

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Tag Management Platform
  • Content Management System (CMS
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Management
  • Analytics

How they manage analytics

You should ask for the plans for the management of following key metrics:

  • Website traffic
  • Subscribers
  • Leads produced
  • Sales
  • Attribution

Understand How Company will manage the Marketing work with you

This will help you know how the company will help you meet all your Online Marketing objectives. Some of the important points to pay heed upon here are

  • Understanding / Gathering client requirement
  • Clear delegation of roles
  • Organized work environment
  • Review and Approval Process
  • A Project Management Tool in place
  • Data Dashboards
  • Task Prioritization
  • Client Management
  • Execution

Along with all this, you should also understand what Digital Marketing Strategies they implemented to advertise their own brand. You should know what size clients the chosen Online Marketing Company deals with and understand their success, plus, you need to ask for the references and have a brief conversation with their past and present client. You should also ask them what makes them better from their competitors.

Understand the deliverables offered by your Online Marketing Company

You should ask them how they measure the success of the marketing campaigns they are recommending. Different deliverables that you need to be clear about are-

  • What reports will you get from the agency and how often will you get reports from the agency
  • Will you get access to a live dashboard for monitoring the performance of your campaigns
  • Will you get an access to their project management software, as this would provide you a transparency on the status of your works
  • Discussion about the status meetings with your team

You need to ask them about their pricing model

While choosing an Online Marketing Company, this is one of the most important things to know the preferred pricing model. Different pricing models that you may find are-

1. Percentage of spend

2. Bill by hour

3. Flat fee

4. Capped Percentage of Spend

5. Percentage of revenue

6. Customized pricing model based on client size, services, requirement, and time periods

Social Media Optimization Services

SMO or Social SEO as it is known is the set of strategies that are used to channel social media towards attracting unique visitors to the website and generating better ROI for the business. Improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO. SMO works just like traditional advertising in physical world.

It’s about engaging audience creating a rapport, building network and using “word-of-mouth” to gain more audience and spread your message. SMO is all about creating “a buzz” that will go a long way in creating visibility for your business.

Social Media Optimization is considered an integral part of Online Reputation Management strategy for organizations or individuals who care about their online presence.

How does SMO differ from SEO?

Search Engine Optimization also works with same focus of driving unique visitors to website. However where SEO and SMO differ is the source of unique visitor. While SEO works on obtaining visitors via search engines, SMO works on obtaining visitors via social media.

Hence both SEO and SMO are critical for a website to succeed. Both of them complement each other and provide astounding success to the website when implemented in tandem.

Types of SMO:

SMO can basically be classified into two main types:

Certain social media features can be added to the website itself, like:

Type 1: On site-SMO:

  • RSS feeds
  • Sharing/ Like buttons
  • User rating about new product/ service
  • Polls
  • Employee engagement initiative etc

Type 2: Off- site SMO:

Certain social media features work outside the purview of the website; like:

  • Blogs
  • Participating in discussions
  • Joining social networks
  • Viral advertising
  • Press Release etc

Why you need SMO Services:

Today internet is flooded with innumerable websites and business, to differentiate yourself from the crowd you need to have something special. SEO can provide that extra zing to your website, and SMO can spice up your entire web presence to make you outshine your competitors.

  • Study reveals that, 82%of Indian employees use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find a new job
  • 87% of Indian employees use social media to research an organization they are planning to join.
  • 75%  of social media friendly employees track social media for negative reviews about organizations and hesitate to join if they find any.
  • 93% of Indian companies allow social media access through office computers from.

More and more people are moving towards using internet and various social media platforms. As the number of users increases, of does the influential power of this media. Today these social media platforms are also highly trusted sources of information and influence user behavior like no other. Normally, people spend 3-4 hours daily on social networking sites. That’s huge captive audience by any standards. Being present on these sites is not a matter of choice, but mandatory for your brand expansion. Social media is the most powerful and defining way of communicating online.

  • Face book has 600 million users
  • Twitter 190 million users
  • MySpace 260 users million
  • Friendster 90 million

Advantages of SMO:

Right SMO can add many brownie points to your business image, by:

  • Influencing a customer’s opinions about your business and your brand
  • Creating brand awareness amongst wider audience and social networks
  • Drive quality traffic to your website from the social networking sites
  • Improve your search rankings by improving your Link popularity. Additionally social media pages show on top of Google fastest
  • SMO gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients like never before. It’s great for sales too as you can reach out to a number of prospects you could not even imagine before
  • Synergizing the SEO and internet marketing campaigns for the website
  • Help in gaining non-reciprocal links which will further boost your link popularity
  • Higher probability to generate enhanced returns on your investment
  • Social Networking sites get your clients, prospects, fans and business partners in one place
  • SMO allows for customer engagement even after purchase has been made, via mailer’s and community forums
  • Social Media Optimization cost a fraction of your traditional marketing expense
  • SMO allows you to reach out to much wider audience base as compared to traditional marketing, and it incurs far lower expense per contact
  • Social Media Optimization is live and interactive. Unlike traditional marketing, it won’t only get you in touch with your audience; it also allows you to get the most crucial feedback from clients

If you choose to ignore SMO then the damage it can cause to your business is colossal in terms of brand image/ awareness and business revenue.