About Android

About Android

Android is an Operating System developed by Google, used largely for mobile phones and tablets. It is open source software designed primarily for touch screen devices like smart phones, and can be used by a variety of developers ranging from novices to experts. It is the most vastly used operating system in the mobile phone sector.

It is based on a modified version of Linux kernel, and has numerous variants like Android TV (for televisions), Android Auto (for cars) and Wear OS (for watches). Android allows end users to develop, install and use their own applications on top of the Android framework, hence providing flexibility and ease of access.

Features and Benefits

  • Android platform is open source. Hence the Software Development Kit of Android can be used without bearing any licensing costs or royalty.
  • It has an easily customizable user interface, enabling developers to create custom android apps for business purposes. Even data management functions and multimedia tools can be easily updated to the app.
  • It is secure and reliable. Google security policy makes sure it is difficult for malware to locate data structure for executing codes.
  • Android dominates the mobile industry with almost 83% market share in consumer usage. Hence android apps can lead to increased visibility and can bring in high amount of user base.
  • Apart from Google Play the official app marketplace, Android apps are also distributed through several third-party marketplaces. This allows you to reach out to larger section of the audience and increase your market penetration.

Tips for Android developers

  • Stay up to date with the latest trends so that you know what features the customers expect.
  • Create a stunning design that captures the audience in the very first go. Your app must stand out amongst almost 2.2 billion existing app on Google Play. An unappealing design would make the app’s survival difficult in such cut-throat competition.
  • Reflect and respond to user feedback, and make necessary modifications. This builds trust and loyalty amongst your users and increases user base.
  • Adopt a good architecture for your app. Separate the app’s business logic, view interactions, and data interactions into different layers so that they're easy to manage and test.
  • Participate in communities and discussions. All doubts that come along the path of your app building can be solved by experts in such communities.
  • Be your own critic. Ask yourself “why should someone download my app” and work accordingly to give users a reason to use your app over the contemporaries.

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Company to Build Your Dream App:-

  • Choose a company that understands and analyzes your requirements, and works towards development according to your needs.
  • Check for their portfolio and try hands-on experience of their apps to get a clearer picture regarding the company’s performance and delivery.
  • Check for reviews and ratings on Google Play Store.
  • Know about the company’s experience on multiple platforms.
  • Ensure long term technical support and customization support after the app has been published.

So, you’ve got a winning idea for a new mobile app that’s going to change the world (and the funding to make it happen).

But, what do you do if you don’t happen to have a team of UI/UX designers and mobile developers at your beck and call?

If time is of the essence, you’ll probably start looking for an external mobile app development agency. The best mobile app development agencies possess extensive experience helping startups and have the specialized creative and technical talent to execute on your plans.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the right agency you can trust to turn your million (or billion) dollar idea into a fully-realized mobile application.

Find the right TYPE of partner for the work you need done:-

Generally, app projects will fall into one of the following categories:

End-to-end mobile app creation: some companies, especially startups and SMBs, want external help with every aspect of their mobile app: (1) strategy, (2) design, (3) development, and maybe even (4) post-launch marketing and maintenance.

Design & development: perhaps you’ve already got extensive specifications documentation or a complete business plan. In this situation, you might just be looking for help to execute the UI/UX design and development of your app.

Design only: perhaps you’ve got a working prototype or MVP, but your design needs to be reworked. Or, maybe you or your partner is capable of handling development personally, so you only need to outsource the UI/UX design work.

Know your mobile app requirements

The first step in making a decision is to understand your own precise requirements. You should be able to clearly define the exact things you are looking for in a mobile application. Now, this would depend to a large extent on the industry in which you work and the type of products or services you are trying to sell. Even if you are looking for a non-profit mobile application, you must have clearly defined functionality.

However, you can also check out the similar apps on the internet and mobile platforms and further can review what they provide. Obviously, you have to be different but the core remains the same. As there are so many apps available in the app market, you would be doing the same thing but in a different way in most of the cases.

Check for the reputation

Though there are many mobile app development companies exist, not all such companies are trustworthy and genuine. It is a complex decision to find the company you are looking for. For this, you can check the reputation of the existing companies. You can conduct an online investigation for some time.

Collect the details of the company through published reviews for the development of applications, classifications provided, a number of years of experience in the field, if possible, details about your customers, your customers, and portfolios of products, different types of services they provide, etc. This can help you get a great idea from the company before choosing the best one.

Check for the customer service

It plays a crucial role while choosing the top trusted mobile app development companies. Hiring a company with poor quality customer service can be the worst nightmare for any business owner as it can face serious problems from installation to implementation. If the company does not offer you a solid customer service/support, it could be a big blow to your business, since you could have spent a significant amount of money buying a product.

In fact, some online companies focus only on selling their applications instead of making them beneficial for customers. As soon as you sell the application, they will disappear and there will be no hint of them when your help is needed. However, recognized and long-established companies know the value of their customers and will never abstain when they request assistance on issues related to the installation or installation of mobile applications.

Check for the innovation

Mobile app development companies that develop innovative solutions or something out-of-the-box will be a great choice. By hiring such innovative mobile app development firms, developing and deploying applications on the app stores would be beneficial for your business as well as consumers.

Your company can gain a huge business momentum online if you hire innovative mobile development companies for your business. The reason is they develop mobile apps for forwarding looking futures. So, always try to reach out such companies who can improve your business standards.

Check for the past experience

Past experience is another major factor that helps business owners in short listing the right kind of mobile app development companies. These companies must have past proven record in the industry. Only the quantity of apps developed by these companies, not just matter but it is the quality what actually matters here. Since developing a successful app is not an easy task. It requires core subject knowledge, special skills, understanding the targeted audience and creativity of mobile app developers.

So if you are targeting an app that is both user-friendly and functional, the professional with great expertise in the mobile app development domain will be the best to rely on. Hence, mobile app development firms with good past experience always serve you better.


Money is the major concern for both businesses as well as customers. Gaining more and more money is the only goal of any online business. For consumers, it is often seen that they focus on buying high-quality products at affordable pricing. However, there is always a fight between cost and quality for a company. This is because of products like applications of high-quality cost a lot and vice-versa.

However, if a company is an old one, the cost of the products would be highly competitive compared to a new startup firm. So, if a company has an old and longtime existence across the world then cost of their products sold will be relatively less. That’s opting for such mobile app development firms would a good choice. Since mobile apps are often cost high but only such companies provide them at efficient costs.


It is important to check the mobile app development companies whether it consists of technically efficient developers or not before outsourcing your mobile app development project to them. Moreover, it is also necessary to know on which technologies the development company works with and whether they are capable of putting up well with the application development idea and the platform you are choosing to go with.Mobile app development companies exclusively working on mobile app development technologies are the good one to choose.


You should not hire any app development company without looking at their app portfolio. Experienced and professional app developers seldom wince at this request and will quickly proffer you their comprehensive portfolio of the master class apps they have developed. Viewing this portfolio will certainly help you in assessing the developer’s potential to craft revenue-churning apps.

Check out the Published App Links

Now, this is an interesting and exceedingly important query that most business owners forget to ask. The app development company you choose may provide you with a plenitude of their developed apps but make sure to check how many of them are published on the app stores. Hiring a developer who has no published links can badly damage your business and cause money diminution.


Healthy two-way communication is utterly significant during the entire app development process. Make sure the app development company you hire possesses good communication skills where they listen to your precise requirements and turns them into a beautiful virtual reality solution. Additionally, there should be a transparent feedback loop and an appreciation method well in place, to assist the clients to communicate properly.


A good app development company always offers complete maintenance and support, even after the app handover, for resolving any technical issues or bug fixes. It is worthless if the company you choose comes with zero assistance in sailing through the app complexities. Development companies extend a free support program for 1-2 months, starting from the deployment of the app, to help you get adapted to it.


Delivering proficient apps rapidly within the stipulated time frame is what your chosen company should aim to do to outshine the competition. The faster the app hits the market; the brighter are the chances to earn higher revenues, with of course a better return on investment. Furthermore, an experienced app development company takes into account the dynamic business market needs and stays informed about the current happenings in its domain.


Let’s pretend you have found the right company to implement your project. Now it is time to pay attention to the technical details of your app; this is important for both the development company and you. You should have a clear picture in your head of what you will be getting and explain this so your partner will be aware of each and every technical aspect to implement in your app. 

Make a detailed list so that no feature will be forgotten during the development stage. Do you plan to build a prototype? What platforms do you want your app to run on? Is your mobile application going to be compatible with e-commerce engines, internal CMS, and other systems? Any detailed information is your best friend at this stage. This means that all the specs you intend to have for your app must be procured. So the basic questions for this part are:

  • Describe the mobile application concept.
  • What are the main business goals the application should help to reach?
  • What platforms do you want your app to run on? (IOS / Android, IOS – iPhone, OS – iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet).
  • Describe your target audience.
  • What is the concept behind the application? Do you have any creative/design specifications for the app?
  • List the sections and features that will be included.
  • Will the app be integrated with social media? List all social media channels you want your mobile app to interact with.
  • Will the app require data caching for offline work?

Brainstorm with each department in your company to come up with needs and wants that can help you create the perfect app, the first time. 


Ask about their level of communication. How often do we need to communicate? What are the methods of communication prior to starting a project? You want to hire a company that delivers a project update at least once a week in order to effectively track progress. Effective communication between clients and developers plays an integral role in the success of a project.

Keep track of how frequently they are replying to your messages and phone calls during the hiring process. Are they offering their input? Try and judge whether they have a genuine interest in your business and project idea. If they do not appear to be active during this stage, then it might be a good indication of how they will perform during development. Choose a company you can build a relationship with – a strong working relationship means ideas are shared openly, providing the opportunity to build an even better app.

Ask them about the type of tools they will be using to track the project. Do they follow an agile method? What project management tools do they implement? The project manager should be able to provide you with access to the project collaboration tools. A good company will update you at every stage of the development process to make sure progress is meeting your expectations.


Ask about the estimated project timeline. More importantly, ask about their availability as most companies will be working on multiple projects at a time. How many projects are they currently working on? How long do they think the project will take? When can they deliver your project by? It is important to confirm that there are dedicated resources available to work on your project. That way, you can ensure that the company can efficiently respond to any iterations or unforeseen challenges of your project.


Building an app is not just about coding; it is also about creating a functional design and thinking about the user experience. For this reason, it is crucial that your app is designed well using the most recent and popular user experience principles. What’s their approach to user experience and design principles in app development? Ask to see the company’s previous designs and get them to explain the methods they used to create them.

Be sure to create a detailed and clear explanation of your project to ensure prospective companies have a good understanding of what you are after. Ask them to explain their understanding of your project, along with their suggested approach. Keep in mind that you might need to help point them in the right direction. It is important to check whether or not they are willing to do an app design mockup during the proposal phase. This will give you the opportunity to not only assess their work but also to check their understanding of your idea.


It is important to ask the company what their policy is for app store submission and how they handle a client’s app release. A good firm will either guide you through the submission process or even submit the app for you. Try and look for a company who will stick with you through the app lifecycle and not abandon ship once the initial development is completed and the app is hosted.